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Intraday Trading in Groww Investment App

Intraday Trading in Groww Investment App

Today, we’ll discover in-depth information on intraday trading and how the Groww app facilitates it. When a share is purchased and when a share is sold You will fully comprehend intraday trading once you have finished reading this text.

This is a fantastic technique to profit from the stock market quickly. Those with short attention spans who engage in intraday trading make good money. You should first be familiar with these fundamental concepts if you also wish to trade using the Grow app.

You must first understand what intraday trading is. In order to become a competent trader, you must first pay close attention to very few details. I will address all of your trading-related questions today.

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What Intraday Trading is?

Intraday trading is the practice of purchasing a share and selling it on the same day.

If you’re wondering whether you can sell shares on the Groww app on the same day. So, certainly, you may definitely do this. This procedure is called intraday trading. We’re going to learn how the Groww app handles this.

During intraday trading, traders purchase shares of a company when their price is low. Additionally, when that share’s price increases, traders sell it, making a profit in the process.

In addition, even in a scenario when the stock price is not rising, the trader still makes money. How the trader believes that after the share price reaches a high point, it will begin to decline. The traders subsequently sell that shares there. And as quickly the share’s price drops. He purchases that stake as a result, making a profit in the process.

You might be wondering how the trader sold the share when he or she already owned it. Therefore, if you trade through any other app or groww app. Each app so has its own brokerage. who sells your shares from your side in your stead.

And as soon as you purchase the share, that group race receives it. In the stock market, this procedure is known as short selling. This generates very significant profits for you despite the declining stock market.


Intraday Trading in Groww Investment App

How does intraday trading work on the Grow app?

You must now have a solid understanding of intraday trading. We will now learn about the intraday trading procedure and how to acquire and sell shares.

You need to choose such a share first. which you totally believe will see an increase in price today. If its value declines, you can then trade that stock. You must continue reading share market news to achieve this. You won’t be able to determine if this stock’s price will rise or fall today until after that.

Following your selection of a certain share, you must click on it. When you click the left choice at the bottom, a corresponding interface will appear right before you.

Following that, the kind shows delivery at the top. You need to click on it; after you do, intraday will be typed there. Then after, you can place as many quantities as you’d like to buy.

Important information: The number (5.00x) is written on the bottom right portion of the page. This indicates that you receive a five-fold discount when purchasing a single share during intraday trading. As this share’s price is 809, you will receive a 5 times discount in intraday trading and receive a share worth 164 instead.

The purchased share will then appear on your dashboard. Additionally, your dashboard will display your profit as well as the amount of your loss while you sleep.

Process of Stop loss and Selling  (how to exit position of an intraday trade in groww app)

If you acquired shares recently, you will think we made a good profit. You can therefore sell them at that moment. And when it comes to stop-loss.

Stop loss, then, refers to the price at where you purchased the stock beginning to decline rather than rise. If you maintain your stop loss in this scenario, your loss will be reduced. So, we’ll also learn how to create stop losses.

In Groww, how can I add a stop loss?

To place a stop loss, you must first click on the stock that you want to sell. You must also click on the exit button that appears when you click that. The identical interface that was displayed to you when you purchased the interface will now open.

The advanced option will then be listed at the bottom; you must click on it. You need to check at the bottom after clicking it to see the SL order. You must click on it to proceed.

After then, a screen with a written sl trigger price will appear in front of you. You can place the price in that box as long as you possess the emotional stamina to take the hit. For example, the share price is 809 right now, but you’d like that as soon as it is 805 again.

Then my stock should be automatically sold so I can prevent a significant loss. Thus, stop loss refers to this technique. You can thus place a stop loss on each share purchased through intraday trading in this manner.

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Selling Process

What share have you purchased in an intraday stock that you intend to sell, and do you anticipate an automated sale? For instance, if my goal is reached, you need to tap on that stock. You must then unite before the identical interface appears ahead of you while you are making a purchase.

You must click on Market after finding Price Market listed at the bottom. You will have limitations once you click on the market. You can enter the amount inside the box there once the limit has been reached, at which point you can put the price at which you want to sell the stock.

For example, if the stock value is 809 right now, you would like the stock to be immediately sold when it reaches 815. Therefore, you must follow this procedure.


One such app that works well for intraday trading is the Groww app. This app charges less for intraday trading than any other app. In addition to this, other apps charge monthly maintenance fees; this app does not.

Use the groww brokerage calculator to find out how much intraday trading costs. The brokerage calculator of groww will allow you to track your intraday trading activity. You will be charged in accordance with how much trading intraday groww charges.

Many individuals are also curious about the timing of intraday profit crediting to Groww. So whatever money you have earned over yours.

After 12 o’clock, it is added to your account. Additionally, the loss that happens is subtracted from the trade itself. This makes it possible to conclude that the groww app is an excellent app or site for intraday trading of stocks.









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